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Name Truecaller: Caller ID & Block Truecaller: Caller ID & Block is the most famous version in the Truecaller: Caller ID & Block series of publisher Truecaller
Publisher Truecaller
Genre Communication
Size 71.33 MB
Version 12.36.7
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Update Jul 15, 2022
MOD Glold/ Premium unlocked
Android Android Communication
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  • Premium Gold features unlocked
  • Languages: Multi Languages
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
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Since most activities in today’s society are done with the aid of mobile phones, we utilize them to contact a variety of services. We use our mobile phones to contact various individuals when we need assistance, services, or even groceries. As a result, our phone number ends up in the hands of several people. We thus get a lot of obnoxious and strange calls. Because we don’t know who is calling from an unknown number, we often hesitate to pick up the phone when someone calls. But what if we told you that you can now identify the caller before you even answer the phone? It’s true, however! Now, you can identify the caller before you even answer the phone. You may do this with the use of the Truecaller app.

This program, which was created by Truecaller, will assist you in learning who is contacting you on your mobile device. It is a messaging software that also enables you to call your buddy and speak with them for an endless amount of time. The Truecaller software will also assist you in keeping a call log so that you can see who contacted you and when.

If you often get calls from unknown numbers, this app is something you must have. You may read this article to learn more about this app.

What is Truecaller the app for?

A communication program called Truecaller will assist you in identifying the origin of incoming calls from unknown numbers. You won’t even need to answer the calls you’re getting for this reason. Prior to answering the call, you will learn who is calling from what location. If the caller’s identity is unknown, you will learn where they are calling from. Using the many emoticons and text possibilities offered by this software, you may also communicate with your pals.

The Truecaller MOD APK: What is it?

To provide customers the much-needed convenience, the regular Truecaller app has been changed. Truecaller Mod APK is the name of this altered version. A subscription is required to access the premium and gold versions of the Truecaller app. You may upgrade to the premium or Gold membership of the Truecaller app using this modified version without ever having to pay any money.

Can I use the Truecaller app to find out who viewed my profile?

Yes, this is one of the key functions of the Truecaller app as well. Through the option accessible in the app called “who saw my profile,” you may find out who has visited your profile. You may find out who has visited your profile by selecting this option. You can also limit access to your information so that it is protected from unauthorized users and is only visible to those you grant access to.

My WhatsApp messages are accessible to Truecaller, right?

By installing the Truecaller app, you consent to it scanning all of your incoming alerts. As a result, the Truecaller app will also be able to read the alerts you get from the WhatsApp app, enabling it to read both the numbers in your contact list as well as any messages you have received. The other applications you have installed on your smartphone will likewise be known to it.

What the Truecaller app has to offer

Identifying enigmatic callers

The Truecaller software was created primarily to learn about ominous callers. We often get several calls from the same number, but for reasons of privacy, we choose not to answer them. However, you no longer need to be concerned since the Truecaller app will allow you to identify the identity of any unfamiliar callers. It will provide you with a summary of the caller ID, enabling you to decide if it is safe for you to answer the call or not.

Block obtrusive numbers

The majority of the time, you get unending calls from individuals you have no idea who they are. Therefore, you may use this program to block them in order to get rid of them. With the auto block feature offered by the app, you may also prevent telemarketing and robot calls.

Apk Truecaller Mod

Find out who looked at your profile.

You will also be able to find out who has viewed your profile using the Truecaller app, as well as who often browses your page.

Be in touch with your buddies.

Since Truecaller is a communication tool, you may use it to talk to your pals as well. With the aid of the calling function offered by this software, you may talk to your pals, and you can also text chat with them. This program offers a wide variety of emoticons and text alternatives that you may use to spice up your conversations.

Personalize your app.

You may also customize your app in a number of ways using the Truecaller app. A dark theme and a bright theme are two choices you have when changing the theme of your app, respectively. Additionally, you will have a lot of customization options for your app.

The Truecaller MOD APK’s features

Gold or unlocked premium

You may learn more about the unknown numbers that keep phoning you in the premium and gold versions of the Truecaller app. You will need to purchase a subscription for the Truecaller app in order to access these premium or gold capabilities, but with the aid of this modified version, you will be able to enjoy all of these functions for free. Additionally, with this updated Truecaller app, you won’t have to worry about pop-up advertising interfering with your communication.


For those who often get unexpected calls and are reluctant to take them up out of concern for their privacy, Truecaller is a very helpful software. You may easily get information on the number calling you thanks to this app. The premium edition, which is offered on our website for free, will also help you learn more about these statistics.


Does Truecaller function properly offline?

The Truecaller app does function without an internet connection.

Q. Can I use Truecaller to speak with my friends?

In the Truecaller app, talking is a feature that is accessible.

Whats New

We keep updating our App to make it better.
This version brings:
- Secure your messages with a passcode or fingerprint
- Improvements for our call log
- Long press to change the default startup tab
- Selected animated emojis
- Urgent Message - Send time-critical messages as urgent and the receiver gets notified with high visibility
- Edit message - Say goodbye to typos! Now you edit your chat messages after sending them
- Video Caller ID - Our biggest ever update to Caller ID!

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