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We’ll need to work with files a lot when utilizing an Android smartphone. Perhaps you want to extract a ZIP file to a specified location, or you just want to copy, paste, and move them around in your memory. These duties are supported by ES File Explorer, which was created with sophisticated capabilities including picture compression and data concealment. In this essay, we will discover the advantages that the application may offer.

Analysis of memory capacity

The device’s storage capacity is progressively getting smaller, thus this is the first function I highlighted and one that you are definitely interested in. All files and directories will be scanned by ES File Explorer, which will then provide information on how much space each file takes up. Images, sounds (music and recording files), documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), programs, etc. are some examples. The study and forecast concerning the files and garbage are down below (recently created, duplicated or redundant). From there, you may quickly make extra storage space by clearing RAM.

In and out of

Typically, Android smartphones also offer a built-in file manager, although they are underpowered, underwhelming, and lack numerous capabilities. For instance, you may lower storage capacity, smooth down photos and other media assets, and adjust their resolution to the screen. When you can complete these things with only a few easy clicks, ES File Explorer proves to be really beneficial. Depending on your preferences, the compressed file will be saved as new or replace the old. Additionally, although more quickly, the program also allows decompression. Try using large compressed files to compare the results.

For quicker access, create shortcuts

You will need to often visit the Download folder if you frequently download APK files from the internet and need to remove them after installation. But it will take a lot of time to go through a number of steps to access some directories. Once there, use ES File Explorer to create shortcuts and add them to the home screen. Information may be deleted when it is no longer required and retrieving it is simple and quick. This function is comparable to making a PC shortcut.


In addition to the file manager, ES File Explorer also offers themes to infuse your device with newness. Change the operating system’s default colors and app icons to one of the themes created by developers if you don’t like them. Some are cost-free, while others are more sophisticated, carefully created, and one-of-a-kind, therefore they must be paid for.


File protection is offered by ES File Explorer. By selecting the app, choosing a password, and then setting a PIN, you can set a PIN for any folder or file. You can opt to hide your memories, though, if you are concerned about it.

Utilize FTP to send files to a PC or other devices.

Yes, file exchange is necessary, and ES File Explorer also aids you in file exchange over FTP. To connect, you simply need to sign in to your previously created FTP account and then choose the appropriate folders and files. When the device is linked to a WiFi network, this procedure will start.


An Android-specific program created just for managing files is called ES File Explorer Mod APK. It’s a free app that can be downloaded from HappyMod that was made to assist users in managing their energy usage, conserving memory, and performing various tasks on Android devices. Its additional benefits include being simple, straightforward, and lightweight (33.86 MB). Visit HappyMod Mod Apk to take advantage of your refreshed, improved, and simple to use smartphone.


Even if they are straightforward, the various default Android managers frequently struggle to handle several leftover files. This is the precise purpose for which ES File Explorer Pro was designed. In order to estimate real memory consumption, the program first scans the whole system and determines how much space each individual item requires. This appears to be a very useful function in the age of a proliferation of material, including news, archived communications, images, music, and movie files. As well as offering effective and simple cleaning tools, ES Explorer Pro keeps an up to current analysis of memory capacity and aids in preventing overload. Make sure your mobile device always runs at maximum speed and capacity by keeping an eye on memory loss. Last but not least, ES Explorer Pro Mod enables users to compress files in order to conserve more storage space by either storing or overwriting data according to their preferences or needs.
Another viable choice in this situation must be considered. You can easily make shortcuts for all the downloaded files with the help of ES File Explorer Pro Mod Apk. There is no need to go through a folder buried within another folder buried inside another folder, and so on, and so on, just to discover one specific file. You may quickly add a shortcut to your home screen with ES File Explorer Mod Apk and quickly remove it when no longer required. There will be no more frenzied rummaging—just straightforward, uncomplicated navigation.

Numerous other facilities

If required, you may safeguard your personal files and documents with PIN codes and passwords by downloading ES File Explorer Pro, which will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief. With the help of the numerous new themes offered by the program, ES File Pro also gives you the opportunity to efficiently update the appearance of your mobile device. Tired with the standard colors, patterns, backdrops, and icons? With just a few clicks, you can now completely alter the appearance while discovering a variety of unique templates that are offered in both free and paid versions but are consistently energetic and refreshing.
Visit HappyMod Download to get ES File Explorer Pro Terbaru for nothing, and give it a go at simplifying your life. The HappyMod website’s download area is where you may find the program. One of the most practical uses available is this one. Thanks to its features and tools, it will end up becoming your best friend. It is in plain sight. Download the software right away!

Version MOD APK of ES File Explorer (Pro)

MOD attribute

First things first, the advertising will be deleted in order to improve the user experience. Premium Unlocked: The sidebar can be altered, premium theme packs can be unlocked, the function boxes on the homepage can be changed, a powerful text editor can be added, all of the system’s secret files can be seen, and other features are also available.

Download the Android version of ES File Explorer Pro APK & MOD.

You are undoubtedly now aware of the advantages that ES File Explorer may provide thanks to this post. Of course, installing the MOD version from APKMODY will allow you to explore much more. It is totally free.

Whats New

* Box API updates.
* FX Connect fixes for newer Android 9/10 releases: Unfortunately Google has required apps which use Wi-Fi Direct pairing to use the "Access Precise Location" permission, despite FX *NEVER* actually accessing your location. The permission itself is only requested when you use FX Connect.

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