Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Game

Name Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Game Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Game is the most famous version in the Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Game series of publisher KLab
Publisher KLab
Genre Action
Size 141.08 MB
Version 14.0.15
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Update Aug 4, 2022
MOD Unlimited spirit orbs
Android Android Action
4.2 ( 155 ratings )
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  • One hit
  • God mode

Note: In the game guide, only attack the Boss after the instructions appear!

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In Bleach: Brave Souls, a battle between the Grim Reaper and Hollow is expertly reenacted. Numerous tasks related to the game’s story will occupy players’ time, and it will fulfill the expectations of fans of the corresponding anime series. Players may also explore and improve their strength in a special character system. You’ll face formidable foes in this game’s several modes.


You’ll immediately recognize which anime this game is based on when you see its name. Cutscenes that are fully spectacular and true to the story of the anime movie may be found throughout gameplay. So, if you’re a fan of this anime, you can be sure that when you play the game, players will remember the wonderful times they had while watching each episode’s completely unmissable content. Bleach’s narrative contains supernatural monsters known as Shinigami (Grim Reaper) and Hollow, deep-rooted spirits that are hazardous and adore people with great psychic skills. The narrative starts when a 15-year-old kid called Ichigo encounters Rukia, the Grim Reaper. Rukia was unable to resist it during one confrontation with a powerful Hollow; it was also a chance for Ichigo to gain her strength and become an apprentice Grim Reaper.


Players are drawn to Bleach by its experience, and no one can deny the outstanding levels it offers. The player will precisely control the character from a third-person viewpoint and travel freely across the 3D area. There will always be adversaries for you to contend with in this setting. Utilizing the crucial abilities that you can see in the right corner of the screen, you will assault them. Therefore, everything is based on the player’s talent. In this game, there are several indicators that allow players to spot strong enemy strikes. You will need to attempt to avoid them and keep moving; they are shown as red spots. As a result, it can be claimed that players will invest time in learning and honing their control techniques. It will be hard for you to focus on anything other than the gameplay experience as you attempt to beat the level. These abilities are essential because the adversaries you face will always get stronger. Additionally, it is hard for fans of the Bleach anime series to overlook the talents each character has and how well they execute the Bankai. The characters’ levels will progressively rise via many matches, giving you additional abilities to use against the foe in challenges that are unlocked later.


PVE and PVP are the two primary segments of the game Bleach’s experience. Players will encounter several adversaries known as Hollows throughout the Story mode’s stages for PVE. Additionally, while playing the game, you’ll unlock a new model called Epic Raid, whose difficulty is completely different from that of the other modes. You are specifically waiting to face challenging bosses, who will definitely do a frightening amount of damage and spill a lot of blood. Capturing the enemy maneuvers you confront and the elements connected to red regions is the key to overcome these obstacles. So please attack them from the appropriate angle. You may also partake in PVP battles with other players by joining your three-person squad. You won’t be aware of your opponent’s abilities, therefore you must put together a strong team before the game.


As you play this game, you’ll come across characters you enjoy as well as characters with Grim Reaper power and Espadas – Hollows. You will spend time collecting them simultaneously using the same gacha-like system. You may unlock characters with various star levels with your resources, and their level cap does change based on the quantity of stars. The counter aspect in this game is a thrilling mechanic that you cannot ignore. Five classes, including three classes with a triangle counter and two classes with a mutual counter, are used to categorize all characters. As a result, your team will always have a wide variety of characters to fulfill both the collection and combat criteria. To fully use their power, remember to boost their level and bring them to the top.

BLEACH Brave Souls (MOD, Unlimited Money/Mega Menu) can be downloaded.

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