Bermuda Adventures Farm Island

Name Bermuda Adventures Farm Island Bermuda Adventures Farm Island is the most famous version in the Bermuda Adventures Farm Island series of publisher BELKA GAMES
Genre Adventure
Size 159.26 MB
Version 1.5.3
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Update Jul 18, 2022
Android Android Adventure
4.5 ( 411 ratings )
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bermuda adventures mod apk unlimited energy In the farming game Bermuda Adventures, the player crashes a plane and ends up alone on a desolate island filled with enigmatic perils. As a result, they had to establish new civilizations, develop habitats that were appropriate, and eventually develop the paradise they had originally imagined for an island. Above all, the game will feature more alluring content to keep players entertained and energize their journey to the finale.

Adventures in Bermuda’s Island Farm



Now that the player’s trip on the isolated island is limitless, they must begin creating the necessities for survival. A comprehensive farm building system, involving farming, raising livestock, constructing facilities, and more, will be introduced in Bermuda Adventures. Each function offers more possibilities to improve the player’s experience, give them more to enjoy, or improve life in general.



A small hamlet will require significant buildings to handle the materials acquired from the local environment, enabling the player to establish the village’s foundations. Each building has a distinctive impact, enabling interaction with a particular region to initiate production. In the interim, they must plan a bustling farm, construct more upscale structures, and begin creating new things for modern life.





Bermuda Adventures’ farming system has undergone a number of notable enhancements that will allow players to work more quickly and effectively than they could before. They can use it to access a range of kits that make managing or harvesting the farm easier than ever by dragging, dropping, and pinching. Of course, that also holds true for the majority of the nearby farm units, aiding players in efficiently working and actively managing all resources.





The game’s pleasant and gorgeous visuals offer a vibrant atmosphere for players to design a special paradise. There will be numerous beautiful displays for every visual effect and interaction with every aspect in the surroundings to bring everything to life and make it exciting. A fresh impression of the abandoned island with a bustling and energetic atmosphere will also be created through the design of the environment, characters, and overall farm.




Discover the remainder of the island.

Players will like playing Bermuda Adventures’ special mini-games a lot because they have unusual designs and serve as a reminder of a long-gone civilisation. The player can explore the rest of the island after finishing the agriculture job. They can grow their community during this time and include fresh essences they gather from various places.



The majority of players consider daily quest systems to be their primary source of income due to their variety and abundance of rich prizes. Every prize kind has a purpose, contributing to the player’s ability to create a flourishing island and a wide variety of characters. It also features numerous awards that build up and become available to the user after they accomplish certain milestones or minimum requirements. These rewards include new items, buildings, and costumes.




Players can build a village on odd islands in Bermuda Adventures while enjoying quiet and tranquil content. Additionally, they must forge new civilizations or discover antiquated ruins while raising the standard of living and developing a rich hamlet.


  • There are numerous characters, each of them has a unique backstory and set of traits.
  • There are historical travelers and other interesting neighbors in the island game.
  • There is a lot of land at the island farm.
  • Free farm games feature food preparation, exploration, and commerce.
  • Unique farmyard creatures, plants, and buildings
  • There are countless free farming games available, many of them involve adventurous voyages to far-off islands.
  • There are routine assignments and one-of-a-kind occurrences in fun family games.
  • You can alter how the characters look in the farm game.
  • Additionally, there are tons of funny and enjoyable games!

Download the modified version of Bermuda Adventures Island Farm 1.5.3 (Free Purchase, SpeedUp).

Whats New

The new version of Bermuda Adventures is waiting for you!
We've made the game more stable, and fixed a number of issues that players have reported to us. Thank you for your feedback!
To see how much better the game is now, check out the new temporary expeditions - there are several unique adventures waiting for you.
Enjoy the game!

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