Pocong Adventure

Name Pocong Adventure Pocong Adventure is the most famous version in the Pocong Adventure series of publisher LemauDev
Publisher LemauDev
Genre Adventure
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Update Aug 15, 2022
MOD Unlimited money
Android Android Adventure
4.5 ( 278 ratings )
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  • Unlimited money

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Would you be interested in playing a game where you assume the character of a ghost? Download LemauDev’s Pocong Adventure mod apk right away to take on the role of the ghost who sets out to gather all the fruits he enjoys eating! Since there are numerous obstacles to overcome and perilous situations to avoid, it won’t be a walk in the park. As you explore the adventures provided by this fantastic game, you will need to be resourceful and devise plans of action that will enable you to reach your objective.

the most recent version of pocong adventure

Pocong Adventure has a fairly straightforward gameplay in which the player controls a figure to gather all the fruits that Pocong adore. To accomplish that successfully, you must pass through a number of gates and pathways. It will be advisable for you to stay clear of bats, wormholes, and other potentially hazardous roadblocks like giant goats. Pacong’s environment isn’t completely eerie. This is so that the environment as a whole can be made beautiful by flowers. Download this thrilling game right away to take advantage of the adventure it offers.

Pocong Adventures Forever

This is one of the most recent adventure games that introduces players to a cute Pocong ghost and a very dark woodland. Here, the player should ramble around the woods and assist the protagonist in gathering a range of fresh fruits that the ghost adores. In addition to collecting fruits, you will also need to collect flowers in order to move on to the following game level. You can conquer the many adversaries and obstacles if you have the appropriate plan. If you enjoy playing games with scary plots where you have to defeat monsters to win, this is the game for you!

Notably, Pocong Adventure has received over 100,000 downloads just from Google Play, and users are still continuing to do so. It’s easy to understand why given its excellent graphics and entertaining gameplay! On your mobile device, download the game right away and enjoy the entertainment it provides.


The Pocong Adventure mod apk characteristics

You will be able to play this game with fluid motions and highly gorgeous 2D graphics. The game also includes a variety of puzzles for players to solve. The list of game features is below.

In this adventure game, Mumu, a cute ghost creature, must go through the shadowy forest in search of new fruits. Solve puzzles and collect items. To explore the forest, battle every foe, and gather every piece of fresh fruit that this game offers, the player needs a character. In addition, you must collect flowers in order to easily go on to the next level. Remember that the game is simple to play. You will have to overcome challenges and puzzles, though. For example, there are various other monstrous animals, such as goats and bats.


Attractive Graphics – In addition to the story-driven gameplay in this epic game, you will also lose yourself in the stunning 2D art of the Pocong Adventure. With the help of the graphics, players can see all the startling elements in the game, including the character designs, every blade of grass, and other objects on the screen. Everything has been carefully made with attention to detail and care for your viewing pleasure.

One gets the impression that when they first start playing, they can feel terrified or alone, especially because of the game’s dark themes and colors. As you delve farther into the experiences that each new level has to offer, the emotion gradually fades away. The gorgeous gaming world somewhat contrasts the game’s spooky tone with some lovely scenery!

Simple Controls – The best thing about this game is that, unlike many others, you don’t have to memorize the combinations of different controls. You may manage your character to turn right or left and jump up with just a few taps on the screen. While jumping, the player can also travel forward or backward! By hitting the attack button on the controller, you can also face and eliminate threats like bats and hedgehogs.


Checkpoints: Gamers are aware that the absence of checkpoints would be agony. However, this one is unique. You won’t have to worry about repeating anything thanks to the checkpoints in this game. There are auto-save options here in case you pass out in the middle of the gates or do something else that would prevent you from moving further! Additionally, the autosave milestones enable you to carry on in case of failure.


Each level of the game has a certain number of lives and a limited amount of time. If the checkpoints function is not turned on, you will restart the level if you can’t complete it before the timer expires or your life runs out. Only if the option was turned on right away will you have the opportunity to restart the game from the point you lost it. If you don’t carefully consider every move you make, you probably won’t be able to overcome obstacles and complete levels before your lives or your time run out.


Latest Version of Pocong Adventure Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Download the Pocong Adventure Mod APK game right away to take advantage of the thrilling action it offers.

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