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Name Ninja Dash Run - Offline Games Ninja Dash Run - Offline Games is the most famous version in the Ninja Dash Run - Offline Games series of publisher Viva Games Studios
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Genre Arcade
Size 63 MB
Version 1.7.5
Total installs n/a
Update Aug 7, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money
Android Android Arcade
4.5 ( 231 ratings )
Price: $0
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Action game Ninja Dash by Genera Games combines role-playing and leisure aspects. The game takes you on a quest to eliminate the wicked ninja army in order to exact revenge on Sensei and recover the Master Sushi that was taken. There are plenty of your opponents. But you may simply overcome them because to your superior ninja abilities. Don’t be naive, however; the opponent is not only powerful but also has a wide range of unique abilities.

Additionally, the upgrading system in Ninja Dash is pretty similar to that in other role-playing games. It implies that you may defeat foes, acquire resources to make lethal armor and new weapons, and improve your Katana and other essential gear to do more damage. If you like playing games in the ninja genre, Ninja Dash is a wise option that you shouldn’t pass up. Use the no-cost Ninja Dash download to take on the battle test that all warriors must pass to become ninja assassins. Are you prepared for one of the top mobile action games?

Basic Information

A GMO game named Ninja Dash was published by Backflip Studios, according to several prior game sources. The company’s most recent game release is called Ninja Dash. One of the finest mobile games we have played online so far is Ninja Dash. The multiplayer feature of the game is where users compete against other players from across the globe as well as their friends. The creator Backflip Studios has officially published two versions of the Ninja Dash mobile internet game for phones with the Android and iOS operating systems.

Players in Ninja Dash mod apk will change into ninjas who move quickly? Move these ninjas from left to right to control them. To cross gaps or chasms, you may leap once or twice. Don’t forget to gather power-ups while you go. The player assistance feature will be randomly selected by these power-ups. To strike foes and temporarily slow down, it will have rockets. Additionally, you may employ speed boosters or shields to defend yourself from assaults and move more quickly.

The following tasks and game types in the game will test players’ ninja talents.

  • Ninja Revenge: Kill every shadow ninja on every level. To advance your character, get gifts and experience points.
  • Steam Bomb: Change into a flying chicken ninja and use it to leap and dive through the Japanese skies to escape the conflict
  • Ninja Showdown: Attempt to withstand the constant barrage of enemies. In the infinite ninja runner mode, the katana sword is your lone ally in the conflict.
  • Epic Boss Battle: Engage in combat, finish all tasks, and launch an assault on Shogun Castle.

All players should be aware that in order to enter the racing rooms, they must spend their winnings while playing the game. Thus, there are several players in this room. There will be free races or none at all, but you must pay with real money. Or you may compete in an AI race. A supernatural ability system will become available after the race player achieves level three. They will be a terrific source of encouragement for you before to the ninja race. Additionally, you may spend the cash to purchase other characters or other, more attractive clothes. Are you prepared for the decisive conflict?

What is Ninja Dash Gameplay?

Dragonvale’s creator, Backflip Studios, just made the entertaining running game Ninja Dash available for iOS and Android smartphones. The game is the most recent entry in the Ninjump series. Games like Ninjump and Ninjump Rooftops are among them. It is a game that emphasizes cooperative play. Through the social network on Facebook, you may engage in full competition with your friends. Alternately, the system will randomly choose additional gamers from all across the world for you to face off against.

Ninjas in Ninja Dash will automatically move from left to right throughout each race. Clicking once or twice allows players to hop over gaps and obstacles along the path. You may also hop through enigmatic boxes to gather energy for yourself. These energies have the ability to accelerate so that you can catch up to opponents. While rockets may harm a person, it helps to diminish competition. They may both be slowed down temporarily. The defensive barrier that will safeguard players from assaults.

In order to compete in multi-player races, players must pay money. In this mode, you may either buy the coins with real money or gradually acquire them for free. Participating in machine races may also earn you money. Completing the race will result in experience points for the player. Additionally, the system unlocks a power-up card after they reach level three. Before each race, we may activate these cards to change the opponent’s strength. For instance, while racing, a shield card causes the shield to raise, drawing two bullets instead of one.

Additional cards may occasionally be obtained for free when you win a regular race or can be bought with cash. Players may purchase additional avatars and elaborate clothing like pirate and panda costumes with the cash they earn. The player may finally purchase taunts. It makes fun of his persona in a hilarious way. While awaiting the commencement of a contest, they might initiate this teasing. It contains model greetings and sentences that may be used to practice speaking with opponents.

suggested substitute: Swordigo

The game Swordigo combines some role-playing with an element of adventure. You will take on the role of a blue-haired man battling a wide variety of creatures in Swordigo. You may use your sword to slay them, or you can use magic to damn them to hell. The character’s health, weaponry, and damage will level up after they have accumulated enough experience points. Many low-profile computers that can still play Swordigo can play the game.

Swordigo is categorized as a platform game. In actuality, Swordigo offers a daring adventure and puzzle approach. The player will need to navigate the locations and battle the swarms of creatures that are in the path. It appears easy at first sight. But the game’s high-brain size is what makes it so appealing. Everything takes place haphazardly and without warning. So, you won’t be prepared for what you’ll experience.

Your character’s ability to level up is another innovative way to include the role-playing aspect. Monsters will be vanquished, and your attribute points will rise. Additionally, you may raise your fighting skills by investing in new armor, weapons, and spells. Of course, the gear you find when you unlock chests in enigmatic locations is very unique and potent.

Regarding Swordigo’s control scheme, gamers are familiar with the virtual key combination built directly into the touch screen. You may organize them whichever best serves you. However, every time we attempt to press two buttons, we get irritated. They do not function as anticipated.

Last Words

In addition to its captivating gameplay, Ninja Dash also draws players in with its gorgeous 3D map system. Character building in the game is accurate down to the last detail. Then Ninja Dash is the game for you if you like playing games that need fast thinking, rivalry, and—most importantly—good looks. It’s an opportunity to become the most gifted runner in the game and to stand on a pedestal of triumph. Ninja Dash is available for iOS and Android download. We really hope you enjoy playing the game!

Whats New

- We have improved the overall performance of the game.

More updates to come, stay tuned!

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