SHAMAN KING ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ)

Name SHAMAN KING ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ) SHAMAN KING ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ) is the most famous version in the SHAMAN KING ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ) series of publisher Studio Z Inc
Publisher Studio Z Inc
Genre Role Playing
Size 230.08 MB
Version 1.5.002
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Update Aug 18, 2022
MOD Unlimited money
Android Android Role Playing
3.7 ( 556 ratings )
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The first Shaman King game to be made accessible for Android and iOS is the fighting game. It offers an immersive gaming experience that is comparable to the PC version of the game because to its improved 3-D visuals and high-quality sound systems.

In August 2021, the Shaman King mobile game’s creator, Studio Z, began pre-registration. As a result, countless numbers of gamers pre-registered for the game and joined its YouTube channel.


Release day for the Shaman King mobile game was December 8, 2021. This smartphone version, like all Shaman King Games, is quite immersive. You won’t get bored because of the intriguing and unique narratives that will keep you connected to your smartphone for hours on end.


Why the Mobile Game Shaman King is Special

Hiroyuki Takei, the creator of the anime and manga series on which Shaman King is based, came up with the plot. It takes place in a realm that draws on Asian mythology and shamanism.


The game has gathering units that assist players in acquiring treasures needed for progressing in the game. Through these units, gamers can use their own narrative to defeat players all over the world.


Players are immediately drawn into the fascinating anime world of Shaman King by the game’s distinctive and enticing graphics. The sound effects are equally excellent and heighten the gameplay’s intensity.


All fans of anime and manga should definitely try out the Shaman King mobile game. It provides a very enjoyable, immersive gaming experience that is very simple to play.


An Extensive Gameplay of Combat

Shaman King video games are famous for having challenging gameplay. This is also true of the mobile game Shaman King. It features an original battle system that is thrilling and captivating.


To battle their opponents, players must gather various army kinds and enhance them. This will assist you with exploring the game’s globe, collecting resources, controlling your army, engaging other players in direct conflict, and ultimately triumphing.


In-depth social media features are also a part of the Shaman King mobile game, enabling users to establish strong alliances with friends or random people. Players who form these alliances will be better able to defeat their opponents and win the game.


One Special Mangatic Mode

The game has a brand-new mode that is exclusive to this version. Instead of letting them concentrate on the main plot, it enables players to grow into their characters as they play the game.


To advance your character and use all of its power on the battlefield, you can gather spirits. The spirits are items that enable players to get access to stronger skills. They can be acquired in the game in a variety of ways, including through completing quests, acquiring gold money, and strengthening your Shaman King.


Additionally, Spirit Stones are needed to upgrade the Shaman King’s character. To make it more difficult and thrilling, you can obtain these spirit stones by defeating strong enemy players all over the world.


In the game’s alliance mode, players can join other strong alliances to beat their rivals.


Because each player will enhance his Shaman King’s power with the aid of his allies, collaboration is crucial for winning the game. Being successful in this game takes time and patience, but it’s well worth it!


High-Volume Characters

There are numerous characters in the game, each with their own special skills. Throughout the game, you can play with your chosen Shaman King.


Along the way, you’ll encounter a lot of strong opponents, so be careful to raise your Shaman King to its highest level before facing them.


Yoh Asakura, Amidamaru, Manta Oyamada, Anna Kyoyama, and Ryunosuke Umemiya are a few of the characters that may be found at the Funbari Onsen. Additionally, you’ll get access to a large number of front and back demons that are crucial for progressing the game.


Unique Shaman King Mobile Features

Simple to Use Controls The game is ideal for mobile gaming because of its simple controls. With a few taps on their screen, players may quickly browse through the menus and gameplay.

crafting quests and gathering units. The game has gathering units that assist players in acquiring treasures needed for progressing in the game. Through these units, gamers can use their own narrative to defeat players all over the world.

Clean and Simple User Interface. The user interface for the game is uncluttered and simple to use. This makes it ideal for gaming on mobile devices. With a few taps on your screen, you can effortlessly navigate through the menus and gameplay.

Generous Benefits Additionally, the game compensates players well for their time and effort. By completing tasks and taking out strong opposing players from all around the world, you can acquire spirit stones, gold coins, and other important goods.

extremely realistic video game physics. The game’s gaming physics are incredibly realistic. While playing the game, it enables players to feel as though they are a part of the anime universe.

The visuals in the game are breathtaking. They bring the world of anime to life and are entirely in 3-D.


The sound effects are equally amazing and aid in giving you a sense of immersion in the game’s setting. Players can customize the game’s speech, narration, and special sound effects by selecting their chosen language.



The fantastic game Shaman King provides players with a wealth of options to enjoy. You’ll spend hours staring at your screen thanks to its simple controls, realistic gaming physics, and engrossing sound effects.


The game will immerse you in its universe thanks to the superb graphics. To advance your gaming, you can collect spirits, gold coins, and other important stuff.


Downloading Shaman King for your phone is a must if you enjoy the Manga anime series. Both Apple and Android mobile devices can use it. It is also very well optimized to prevent latency and annoying delays while you play.

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