Cats & Soup - Cute Idle Game

Name Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game is the most famous version in the Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game series of publisher HIDEA
Publisher HIDEA
Genre Simulation
Size 104.18 MB
Version 2.1.2
Total installs n/a
Update Aug 10, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money
Android Android Simulation
4.8 ( 74 ratings )
Price: $0
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Introduce about Cats & Soup

The amazing cooking game with cute and beautiful cats!

Cats & Soup was voted as one of the best Indie games on Google Play in 2021. Have you ever wondered why a girly game with its pastel colors and soft hand-drawn strokes can make such a big impression? We invite you to enter the world of Cats & Soup to admire its self-centered beauties.


In the game, you are brought to a peaceful animal forest, where cats of all colors and sizes are happily living together. Each cat does one job, the finished product made by one cat will be the material of another cat. Together they exchange like this until they cook delicious and sweet soups for the whole forest of cats.


With no enemies, no combat, no violent weapons, Cats & Soup is the game for relaxation and light weekend entertainment.

If you are a fan of cat bosses, then you will definitely love it. All kinds of cats are gathered in this strangely cute forest. Ragdoll cat, Norwegian wildcat, Birman, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, British Shorthair… Through delicate, gentle hand-drawing and carefree rhythmic movements, they appear extremely lovely. For cat lovers, this is not just a forest full of cats, but a forest like a dream in a fairy tale.

Entering the forest, you can freely interact with all the cats here. Dress them up in cute clothes, hats, glasses, flowers in their hair… You can also take pictures with your lovely cat friends, feed them with fish you’ve caught from the game’s minigames, and give nicknames for each cat.

Your task is to instruct each cat in the forest to do specific tasks and manage them to cook delicious soups. Their jobs will be cutting, slicing, peeling, washing vegetables, selecting ingredients, collecting firewood, making a fire… After being assigned, the cat will automatically do it and move on to the next stage, so you don’t have to worry too much. You should coordinate the time and work reasonably because later on, the soups are more complicated than the original.

Besides the main activity of managing cooking soup, you also need to help your cats build a house and represent the cat village to sell soup. Every time you successfully cook a soup, you sell it and get gold coins. This gold will be used to buy valuable items such as kitchen utensils, cooking materials, construction materials for cooking areas, rest areas, entertainment areas in the cat community. Having a new item, you will again assign it to the cat village and start the processing and cooking process as before.

The controls in the game are very easy. Almost anyone, any age can play. Just touch the screen, follow the included instructions and you’re done. You drag any cat to the work area and then release him there, letting him automatically do so. After having soup, touch the soup and sell it for money. If you have money, touch the item in the corresponding store to buy recipes and supplies. Then continue to cook soup and build. The later you have more money, you will buy many unique items, which will help speed up the soup cooking process and obtain more strange recipes. What’s interesting here is not the feeling of win-and-lose in the competition, but the feeling of being better every day.

Graphics and sound

You may not believe it, but I chose to play this game not because I like cats (I only like dogs) nor because of the idea of ​​making cute soup, but because of its too-sweet drawings. It’s one of the rare games I have to spend so much time talking about graphics even when it’s only 2D.

Cats & Soup’s 2D images are an art. The game is designed with a contemplative hand-drawn style. It chooses gentle pastel tones with ethereal and lively pen strokes, creating a community of cats that are so emotional that players can’t help but praise the cuteness of the bosses.

The game integrates with a weather simulator and the time of day quite well. The scene in the morning is different from it in the evening, it’s sunny and it’s raining… Every time it changes to new weather, the game has a way to change your mood in a positive direction. Play and feel the change of the day, you will realize you have forgotten how beautiful each passing moment is.

All activities in the game also take place on relaxing music mixed with BGM, as if you have been lost in a real green forest with birds chirping, leaves rustling, pouring rain, and owls chirping at night…

Cats & Soup is no longer just a game. It is a fresh harmony that relieves all your stress and entanglements and plunges you into a sweet and carefree world.

MOD APK version of Cats & Soup

MOD feature

Free Purchase

How to install Cats & Soup MOD APK latest version

1. Install Cats & Soup MOD.

2. Buy everything you want with real money (gems, items, umbrellas, Fairy Tree…).

3. Install the Update Package version (do not remove the MOD version) to update to the latest version with the data of the MOD version.


Disconnect from the internet before opening the MOD version, otherwise you will receive a notification to update the new version.

After completing the steps according to the instructions above, you can connect to the internet while playing.

Download Cats & Soup APK & MOD for Android

Well, in general, you will feel completely relaxed when playing Cats & Soup. You can turn on and play this game anywhere, anytime: before going to bed, at the start of a new day, during school breaks, or when sitting on the bus. It is so gentle, does not require anything complicated, does not have a super stressful task. Cats & Soup is as simple as its name.

Whats New

[2.1.2 Update]
- Renewal of Cat's Gifts
- New limited-edition packages added
- Other bugs fixed and convenience improvements made

4.8 🧑 1049805 total
5 ⭐
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Download (104.18 MB)
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