SAKURA School Simulator

Name SAKURA School Simulator SAKURA School Simulator is the most famous version in the SAKURA School Simulator series of publisher Garusoft Development Inc
Publisher Garusoft Development Inc
Genre Simulation
Size 221.6 MB
Version 1.039.50
Total installs n/a
Update Jul 22, 2022
MOD Unlimited money
Android Android Simulation
4.4 ( 733 ratings )
Price: $0
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4.2/5 - (5 votes)

Prepare yourself for the thrilling simulation gameplay of SAKURA School Simulator, where you may accompany your character on entertaining and engrossing adventures. Create and personalize your high school persona at will, and portray your unique school life. Enjoy the detailed and engaging in-game components that will keep you interested in the amazing classroom experiences.

At the same time, feel free to check out the humorous action gameplay, in which you direct your avatar to go on a worldwide rampage. Pick up your jetpack and enjoy flying around the city. transform into enormous figures and wander the whole scene. Investigate different weaponry to enhance your action play. The list continues.

With the help of our in-depth evaluations, learn more about this fantastic mobile game by Garusoft Development.


Android gamers will get the opportunity to take in the captivating tales in SAKURA School Simulator, which will expose players to their captivating journeys both within and outside of high school. Feel free to explore your realistic school life simulation in the conventional ways as you attend classes, engage in extracurricular activities, and socialize with your classmates to make new friends.

Alternately, enjoy the thrilling action gameplay, which lets players control superhuman anime characters in spectacular battles. Make a mess of the city and the school with your lethal weapons. Alternately, you may just punch and kick your classmates to death. Use your inner might to become enormous and trample everyone.

But don’t worry, whatever you damaged will be repaired the next day; people’s perceptions of you will remain unchanged. For Android players, this should result in more exciting and freed simulation games.

Screen 5 of the SAKURA School Simulator


The game includes the following intriguing aspects, which are all listed below:

easy-to-use, engaging in-game controls

The straightforward and responsive controls in SAKURA School Simulator allow Android players to get started playing the game right away. You can travel about this area with ease and give the characters access to a variety of activities. From chatting and conversing with someone to starting to kick and punch them in the face, or turning on cool tools and equipment like the Jetpack. All of which will enable you to start playing the game right away.

Use the Help feature to get answers to your queries.

Additionally, if you run into any issues with the game, just return to the help option from the menu to learn more about it. As you begin to really appreciate the mobile game SAKURA School Simulator, explore a variety of gaming features.

A fun school life to experience

Android players will experience a realistic simulation of their thrilling school life in SAKURA School Simulator. Interact with your classmates in a fun way and make friends with those you find appealing. To start a quarrel and make someone detest you, punch them in the face. Or develop your own passionate love relationships with people you find attractive.

Explore the vast school as well; there are a ton of intriguing places for you to go about. As you advance throughout the game, interact with the professors and students. And make an effort to join many in-game clubs, which will allow SAKURA School Simulator to provide exclusive after-school gaming. While doing so, you may also tour the town, which has plenty of fun places to experiment.

Last but not least, you may enjoy your time at school to the utmost thanks to the intriguing occurrences and haphazard encounters in the game.

Embark on thrilling wild adventures

In addition, SAKURA School Simulator’s action gameplay, which lets players go on the ultimate in-game rampage, is incredibly fun for those of you who want to try something new. Enjoy your traditional hand-to-hand fights amongst the game characters. Or utilize the weapons that were taken from the Yakuza headquarters to start enjoying the fantastic action gameplay. In your epic online fights, fly about on your jetpack and try to shoot down any target.

Additionally, as no characters in this game are meant to die, don’t worry about murdering anybody. They will thus survive the night and the next day will see no loss of health. Their hatred for you will be the only thing that changes.

Make decisions and tailor your story.

You may now take advantage of the thrilling in-game tales from SAKURA School Simulator if you’re interested. Immerse yourself in the enthralling adventures and use your own decisions to go along various pathways in the game.

Play as up to four characters simultaneously on one stage

Gamers may try to play as numerous characters in the same SAKURA School Simulator game to increase the excitement of the in-game experiences. Enjoy playing as up to four distinct characters at any same time, and let them to freely interact with one another. Utilize the measured interactions to personalize and create your own tales while having fun with SAKURA School Simulator.

Interesting tools to use and equip

Android players will appreciate the intriguing equipment and weaponry in SAKURA School Simulator, which they can readily put on their avatars to allow action-packed gameplay. Feel free to think up great strategies for discovering the virtual world and enjoying the game more.

Take pleasure in fun clothing games.

You’ll find yourself reliving the intriguing adventures in SAKURA School Simulator if you’re intrigued in the thrilling dressing gameplay in Star Girl. Have fun dressing up your great characters in various styles and clothing, and utilize entertaining accessories to further alter their appearance. All of these features will guarantee that players may easily personalize their character to suit their preferences.

Complete goals to progress in the game.

SAKURA School Simulator also includes a number of milestones that you may try to accomplish in order to progress in the game and ensure that players can enjoy their simulator gaming more. Discover intriguing accomplishments, then get your unique prizes.

Change the camera view as often as you want.

Additionally, SAKURA School Simulator features a changeable camera angle as you play the game, allowing Android users to personalize their in-game experiences. Zooming in and out of your characters is OK. Rotate the screen quickly to examine the map in its entirety. The 3D gaming will be enjoyable thanks to all of these factors.

Save and load your games quickly.

And SAKURA School Simulator has easy save and load options for you to utilize at every step of the game to ensure that you won’t lose your in-game progress. You are welcome to utilize them to load your game or go back to several significant scenes in your own narrative.

Record the game’s notable moments.

For those of you who are interested, SAKURA School Simulator now has a built-in camera that you can use to quickly record special moments in the game. You may start capturing your fantastic and badass moments in SAKURA School Simulator by turning on the camera option.

Enjoy the offline gaming whenever you want.

Last but not least, DaruSoft provides the offline simulation gaming so that Android gamers may enjoy their accessible gameplay of simulation in SAKURA School Simulator whenever they are ready. Your saved games are now simply accessible without utilizing Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Free to use

All Android gamers may still play SAKURA School Simulator for free on their smartphones despite all the fun in-game features. As a consequence, you may always enjoy yourself using many of its exciting features without having to spend anything.

Utilize our mod to unlock the in-game stuff.

Android players in SAKURA School Simulator will find themselves enjoying their intriguing simulation gaming to the fullest thanks to the customized and unlocked gameplay on our website. Enjoy your free purchases and your thrilling excursions around the school and town. And permit intriguing hacks to almost invincible your character. Simply download the SAKURA School Simulator Mod APK from our website to get started.

sound and image quality


The SAKURA School Simulator for Android lets players thoroughly immerse themselves in the distinctive school scenes thanks to engaging visuals and captivating 3D components. Enjoy playing the old-school games and making your characters interact in interesting ways. Experience compelling visual effects and animations at the same time to keep you engrossed in the game’s activities.

Audio & Music

Prepare to experience the amazing in-game adventures and the fantastic environment of SAKURA School Simulator owing to the engaging sound effects and thrilling tunes. Always enjoy thrilling audio experiences that are relevant to the game’s level.

last thoughts

Android players of SAKURA School Simulator will now have the ability to fully enjoy the mobile title and their game thanks to the game’s easy and fun gameplay. Enjoy playing the game with its intriguing characters, each of whom may be customized in a different way. Explore the vast surroundings that provide a wealth of activities and game-related tools to use. Most importantly, you’ll have additional reasons to enjoy it now that the game is free and unlocked and is accessible on our website.

Whats New

.07:Bug fix:Some hairstyles disappear when they become huge with Alice costumes.
-Costumes: Winter clothes:Boy (x4) Girl (x2), Santa:Baby 1,2 ,Child
-Hat(x3):(in Hair accessory)
-Changed to save the unequipped state of the weapon
-"Stop clock" setting in the system settings (The clock stops instead of stopping the time. For when you have trouble moving to the next time.)
*Bug fix
-Can't move when you ride a horse

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