Warpath: Ace Shooter

Name Warpath: Ace Shooter Warpath: Ace Shooter is the most famous version in the Warpath: Ace Shooter series of publisher LilithGames
Publisher LilithGames
Genre Strategy
Size 1.9 GB
Version 5.01.14
Total installs n/a
Update Aug 18, 2022
MOD Unlimited money, gold
Android Android Strategy
4.4 ( 922 ratings )
Price: $0
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The Warpath’s narrative


You will be transported to 1941 in the Warpath, but in this other reality, history is not what it seems. The Raven army is engaged in a mission of conquest, and they won’t stop until the entire globe is under their control.

Build an army with over 90 real-world military units and your command and tactical abilities to topple their perilous kingdom. You have the option to go back in time and solidify your position in history with this military strategy game.

To make your nation a worldwide powerhouse, employ a sensible economic plan and cunning military measures. To conquer anybody who comes in your way, assemble an army made up of a mix of infantry, tank, and artillery troops.

Engage in fierce, real-time combat. When times are hard, it’s time to assume command. To win the upper hand, command your troops, engage in side maneuvers, and advance combat strategies.

own military

Warpath mod apk
Warpath Gameplay mod apk

You need to use your units to the fullest during the game. Lock and load your preferred World War II armament aside from that. Create an army that is prepared to fight on a worldwide scale at the same time.

By building, dismantling, altering, and upgrading weaponry of your choice, you may give your forces a unique look. As an alternative, you can pick between rocket launchers, infantry, tanks, artillery, and tank hunters. With every fight, endless battle plaques were joined.

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Worldwide Alliance

You will team up with fighters from all across the world as you play the game. You also learn about a really intriguing opponent targeting technique. To construct, move your bases. Alternately, take up key positions and enlarge your domain. In order to strengthen yourself and gather additional forces against hostile objectives, rule supremely on the battlefield.

continuous PVP battle

Fighting game featuring dynamic, non-stop action, fluid physics, and intuitive motions. Each of your forces can be sent in a separate direction to engage foes with the greatest amount of power. Join your teammates and unleash a barrage of fire on your adversaries.

historical battle

You must take control of your forces when the historical campaign is reenacted. As you lead them to the enemy’s location and defeat them, take them across both urban and rocky terrain. You’ll encounter teammates along the way who provide more dynamic interaction as you accomplish objectives and advance to more challenging missions.

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enticing plot

Each chapter will take a distinct turn while maintaining an interesting plot and cinematic gameplay. Along the way, you’ll hear additional talks as you gain new features. It also gives you access to a wealth of intriguing tales to read.

Warpath is a cute character.

There will be more characters because each role has a unique personal interaction. For instance, the attractive assistants Percy, the seasoned Jack Spanner, the seductive agent Bloody Mary, and the fierce white wolf. Alternatively, someone like Commander of the Muscular Artillery The magnificent Guardian of Truth, the Eruptor, and the Thoughtful Light Angel.

You can pick and direct any of the characters present. To access chests and purchase fresh units, don’t forget to stop by Aussie Sergeant Ned Taylor.

Beautiful scenery

The map in Warpath is nuanced and diverse. So you may explore the area and take use of it. Whether it’s mountains sparkling in the sun, mountains covered in snow, or bridges spanning rivers.

Make your choice and take in the new landscape. With your buddies, swiftly zoom in and out and go to various cities throughout the globe.

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The visual style and audio

The 3D visual quality in the game is flawless. Your soldiers have a highly fluid and simple command and adjustment system. The players are motivated by the sound’s high caliber.


Do you possess the skills necessary to defeat Raven and free the world’s nations? Will your army be able to survive? Are your strategies working, too? New campaigns, officers, allies, units, and battle objectives are introduced every day. To make your foundation structures higher and more robust, get more awards.

Explore the area, gather resources, unlock new tanks, and communicate with more teammates. Call on hidden experts and weapon specialists to support your cause as you go to other cities throughout the world.

Now is the time to join this exciting leadership game. Your warriors are ready for your order. To find out about more fun games and to download Android applications and games, check out Maxdroid often. Thank you, and enjoy your day! Enjoy a game.

Whats New

I. New [Prototype] System
II. [Quick Assemble] Units
III. New [Quick Upgrade] and [Quick Modify] Features
IV. [Base Shield] Alliance Skill
V. New Player [Base Protection] Optimization
VI. [Starter Pass] Optimization
VII. [Migrate Command] Optimization
VIII. New [Territory] Alliance Techs
IX. [Fortified Wall] Optimization
X. [Secret Ops Chapter 2] Now Out
XI. Further Optimizations

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