Zoldout 鍛造屋的物語

Name Zoldout 鍛造屋的物語 Zoldout 鍛造屋的物語 is the most famous version in the Zoldout 鍛造屋的物語 series of publisher C4Cat Entertainment Limited
Publisher C4Cat Entertainment Limited
Genre Strategy
Size 251.2 MB
Version 00.11.40
Total installs n/a
Update Jul 3, 2022
MOD Menu/Damage , Defense
Android Android Strategy
4.2 ( 343 ratings )
Price: $0
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You can’t miss Zold out mod apk free, a great SRPG with striking anime graphics that is now sweeping the gaming world, if you enjoy turn-based combat role-playing games. If you have never played a game in this genre, you may download the MOD APK version we provide to obtain extra assistance and make your journey simpler.


The game that is currently getting the most attention is Zold:out, which was created and published by C4Cat Entertainment Limited. Even the most tough gamers are readily won over by Zold:captivating out’s plot, fantastic gameplay, and lovely character design. Join Zold:out today to begin your experience.


Zold:out takes place mostly in a fictional continent ruled by the gods. Because of the age of the gods’ tale, no one is certain of their characteristics. On this continent, several ethnic groups coexist peacefully in a sizable monarchy. But when the previous monarch unexpectedly passed away, the peace did not survive for long. The catastrophe shocked the realm since it came on so abruptly, throwing the coexisting races into disarray.

The main character of Zold:out is a young guns dealer and the business owner. The narrative starts at a modest arms dealer on the continent. The young youngster accepted the offer to adventure from the guns dealer to save the business that was on the edge of bankruptcy. His quest to save his land then starts. He has gained a lot of knowledge about loyalty, trust, and treachery via this experience. learning about more characters like enigmatic knights from another realm, enigmatic maid amnesia,… The young guy will learn numerous mysteries about the realm and experience a series of dramatic conflicts while traveling.



Zold:gameplay out’s is far more advanced than that of classic SRPGs. The player’s ability to move the character freely and view the full map is no longer restricted to mass movement. Thus, they will be considerably more adaptable throughout conflict. The most potent and distinctive attacks may be created by players by combining terrain and cards. Players will go through a variety of stages throughout the narrative, including adventures, raids, dungeons, gaccas, etc.

Turn-based combat is the primary method of fighting in Zold:out, placing a strong emphasis on strategy throughout each level. Four characters that can engage in battle will be on each squad. The player’s job is to coordinate the characters and place the squad as a whole in the best potential battle positions.


The character system in Zold:out is one of its strongest points in my opinion. There are four primary professions and a total of five major races in Zold:out. You will have the chance to get to know these individuals as you go along and add them to your team. Each character’s introduction makes evident their various origins and haphazard personalities, which lead to a variety of fascinating chemistry. Each individual has a unique backstory that is connected to the overall narrative and other characters.

APK DMG:Defense Multiplier Zold-out Mod

These individuals will be included to the squad under the guidance of the cards. The character’s complete name, combat rank, number of stars, race, and occupation are all shown on the card, along with other basic information. Characters with strong battle stats and cards with more stars (up to five stars), rarity, and value. In addition, Zold:out has a card upgrading option that lets you strengthen stars.


Players may engage in a variety of activities in Zold:out in addition to the adventures and collecting default cards. You may sign up for tactical challenge matches, which are really difficult encounters. or decide to train against the boss and earn alluring prizes. Enter the online competition to test yourself by ranking high on the global leaderboard while competing against friends and gamers from across the world.


I was intrigued by Zold:superb out’s 3D visuals just by glancing at it. The game does a fantastic job of recreating the stunning fantasy Europe of the 19th century with a steampunk aesthetic and vintage aesthetics. Character designs are just as lovely as in anime movies, and fighting and motion effects are handled well, fitting the game’s aesthetic. All of these have enhanced the game experience for players.

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